#OOTD with a touch of sky blue

ootd6So this month is a toughy, clothes aren’t fitting and I tend to trip over my own feet just by walking. I figure that at 8 ½ + months if I am feeling my worst, I should at least try to look my best. I felt with this #OOTD less is more and a light summer dress and a pair of heels would do the trick. At the end of the day, even though I can’t do up my own heels without assistance anymore, I should at least trick people about how I’m feeling with a look like I’m ready to take over the town.




There is nothing worse than lugging around a big huge purse around town when you just don’t need to, and let’s get serious… besides your cards, ID, a lipstick and your phone what else do you really need? So, that’s where the Kate Spade Cedar Street Laurie Tech Wristlet comes in handy. It holds everything in place for you and looks adorable while dangling off your wrist. Personally, I love the nude colour because it’s neutral and something different than your typical black!ootd3

So these babies were spotted first on Instagram, then in NYC and the moment me and my Amanda laid our eyes on these we knew they needed to be ours. So after six months of waiting and patiently saving I am very happy to welcome these home. These lovelies are from MiuMiu and the fact that there are purple sparkles in these stunning 40’s inspired sunglasses, I told myself they were totally made for me.  Every two years I like to splurge on a pair of sunglasses and this year I felt I kinda sorta deserved them.ootd5

I added a pop of colour to my look with this baby blue Wilfred Free dress from Aritizia. Its 100% viscose material, so it’s light and flowy, and you can breathe in it on a hot summer day. This material also dresses up your look, something that cotton just can’t always do. This dress comes in a variety of colours, so at the bottom of this post be sure to check out with one will work for you!ootd8

A simple nude sandal goes a long way and with the help of BCBGeneration life is complete. I will tell you ladies one thing; I have NEVER owned a more comfortable pair of heels in my life. This brand is great for comfort and if I feel this with swollen feet and ankles then non pregnant lovelies will be able to run marathons in them! And honestly it’s not just this shoe, the brand altogether is amazing!

Why wear a chunky necklace or have an arm party with every look? Sometimes, a simple look deserves a statement with an earring and these Chanel beauties were the perfect finishing touch to what I felt was a carefree simple look. And I mean, Chanel does make everything better.ootd1


Get My Look Today and remember pretty much everything I am wearing comes in a variety of shades, so you if it’s not the baby blue dress there is something that is going to work for you!

Wristlet- Kate Spade (Cedar Street Laurie Tech Wristlet) ~CLICK HERE~

Sunglasses- miumiu (MU 10NS) ~CLICK HERE~

Dress- Wilfred Free (Teigen Dress) ~CLICK HERE~

Shoes- BCBGeneration

Earrings- Chanel



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