Orange you glad we have Grand Marnier?

Okay, so as a mom of two kids everyone knows I love a great drink!

Also everyone knows that I love going to events and when I got the invite for this I just couldn’t pass it up! Grand Marnier thank you for being one of my drinks of choice!

For those of you that may not know Grand Marnier is a premium orange liqueuer that was started in France (someone take me to France to see where Grand Marnier started ASAP)

What was this ultra secret event I went to you ask?? (Guys I didn’t even know the location until 48 hours before and you needed a password to get in. I was totally into it— and Lucas was my date <3 ) Cordon Rouge Room held the event for two nights in a few cities. Grand Marnier gave us options of three premium cocktails with adorable little bites like caramel macarons, lava cakes, prosciutto all while having their servers tell us everything we needed to know about Grand Marnier and these drinks that I now will be serving whenever I have guests over!

Lucky for you guys I can let you in on my favourite drink recipe that had that night and now you can make your own Grand Sidecar!

Grand Sidecar

-1.5oz Grand Marnier

-Pink lemonade tea syrup

-Shaken and served up in a coupe glass, garnish with a dehydrated lime wheel

With the holidays right around the corner, honestly you don’t get a much better gift then Grand Marnier!


Want a cute gift idea? Get a little basket, fill it with a bottle of Grand Marnier and the rest of the needs to make a Grand Sidecar and you have the perfect cocktail in a basket to give out to your colleagues and loved ones!

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