Our March Break Staycation with SkipTheDishes

This post is sponsored by SkipTheDishes however, all opinions are my own.

How did March Break come and go so quickly?

Luke, myself and the two minis would have loved to travel, but you know what, we’ve had so much going on at home that we decided to stay in and create memories in the comfort of our own home!  Plus, planning a family vacation can be challenging and more importantly… expensive!

Staycation>Vacation! YES PLEASE.

So, while having fun and making memories in the comfort of our own home, we decided to team up with our personal favourite SkipTheDishes this year on their #SkipStaycation campaign.  We thought what a great idea to order some of our favourite foods inspired by some of the places Luke and I have travelled to over the years!  This way our staycation still feels like we’re getting away. Luckily for us, SkiptheDishes offers over fifteen thousand restaurant partners to choose from and many of them are our favourites; (the convenience of Skip is incredible)!  On every vacation I’ve been on I order my favourite food – PIZZA.

Well, this staycation is no different; I ordered some great stone baked pizza similar to what I loved while on my honeymoon in Italy.  Another go-to is salad; I mean you always need a healthier alternative and it’s no different when you’re travelling. When I was in Greece, I loved a traditional village salad, so we chose a Mediterranean salad, to bring the light and savoury taste of Greece to our dinner table.  Lastly, we decided to order some comfort food, sliders and French fries. I mean our boys can be picky eaters so some good old comfort food is a must to make sure they eat! Sometimes you just can’t beat a burger and fries, like the ones you stop for during a road trip across the country.  Thankfully, all these foods are offered at one of our favourite family restaurants in our neighbourhood – Jawny Bakers!

Having this little family staycation was so worth it and even though I would have loved to be on a beach down south or travelling across Europe, as long as I am with my little family, I’m happy! I think we all need a little staycation here and there, and with the different kinds of worldly foods you can get from SkipTheDishes, a week at home can still feel like an adventurous trip. We’re so glad we were able to cut out the cooking time, so we could spend it with our little guys.

Whether you want to re-live your favourite vacations through food or just want to bring family favourites from local restaurants right to your doorstep, you can order through the app or the SkiptheDishes website. Give Skip a try – I cannot wait to hear what you think. You can even work your family schedule around the delivery time, because no matter where you order from it will give you an approximate time of arrival…..they really do think of everything! Don’t forget to enter my Instagram contest – you and your family could win a $200 voucher to SkipTheDishes; enter by following instructions in my latest post here. Contest ends Tuesday March 26, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

BRB, I’m off to order some lunch……today I think I am craving a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (of course it’s available on SkiptheDishes).

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