Our Mont Tremblant Travel Diary

Typically, when I think of a vacation or little getaway I think somewhere hot or at least out of the country.  Well let me tell you about the little gem I discovered with my family trip to Mont Tremblant!  We had a three day stay at Sommet des Neiges, located right beside the slopes so we could actually look out our window and watch everything.  Our mini stay was full of activities for the whole family, I don’t even know where to start.

Our hotel, Sommet Des Nieges was amazing!  We had a two bedroom suite – one room for the boys to share and the other for me and Luke and a common area with a fireplace, pull out couch, dining area and kitchen with fridge, stove and dishwasher for those long stays.  Even a washer and dryer were in the room!!  For a family of four this was perfect, but two families could easily stay in the same room!  The hotel was absolutely stunning and the front desk and concierge were extra nice! Our first day we were able lay back and settle in.  We enjoyed some lunch at Le Shack,  dinner at Pizzateria and we all got our ski and snowboard equipment for our lessons the next day! Full ski equipment rental for Adults – $53.50 and children $31.00. For my snowboard and boots $48.15.  And we were able to store our equipment at the valet which was extra convenient.

The next day was full of activities.  I got to take Mason dogsledding – a first for us and Mason loved every minute of it!  His favourite dogs were Eska and Flash and we even got to meet some adorable little pups!  I would highly recommend this experience if you haven’t done it already – Costs: Adults (12+) $143 and children (3-11)  $96 plus taxes and fees.  While I was sledding Asher was making his own personalized dinosaur T-shirt at TBAR – a hit of course!  Then in the afternoon,  Luke also got to go on his very first helicopter ride!  He loved it and got to see the whole village and surrounding area.  It doesn’t get any better than this!  Seriously! Helicopter ride for 1-2 passengers for 10 minutes is $198.  And it’s totally worth it!

Our third day was a day full of skiing on the slopes!  Asher had to go to the onsite Kids Club daycare and make new friends: Cost $85-$105 for a half day with lunch included.  Mason and Luke both had lessons from private instructors (Adult $149 for a two hour lesson and $55 for Mason) and I was able to snowboard on my own.  Charlotte was an incredible teacher for our Mason and did a great job taking up and down the hill and even carrying him around when necessary. The last day all Mason asked was, where is Charlotte?  Luke learned how to ski from his instructor Luc and know all Luke talks about is how good he got in such a little amount of time.  And I got to enjoy my own silence while snowboarding for the morning!  After snowboarding, We took the boys to Univers Toutou where Mason got to make his own stuffed Dragon named Dragon and Asher got to make a Dinosaur names Long neck (animals cost $32). They still haven’t let go of their new stuffed animals and the had a blast making them.  The little carrying boxes were the cutest!
Overall, we had such a great time as a family walking the Pedestrian Village and doing activities we never really thought of before!  I cannot wait until the next time we go back!  There is so much more to do in Mont Tremblant we barely scraped the surface.  I mean, I need to go to the Casino, maybe get a massage at a Spa, ride a snow mobile or just hang out in an outdoor pool…. Or maybe we’ll go in the summer.

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