Our Very Own Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

So it was my little Choo Choo, Asher’s, 1st birthday on Saturday – and holy shit time really does fly by. It is sad, yet, the most amazing thing watching his little personality grow! For months now whenever the opening of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on TV, the smile on his face is so precious and adorable. So, that made his first birthday party theme such an easy decision- he owes me for the two hours it took me to teach myself “Disney font writing”.

We had the party at our house and one thing I don’t like is baby themes. So I did not want Mickey Mouse faces everywhere, I wanted a subtle and classic Mickey Mouse! Everything “décor” wise I made- you can call me Martha Stewart becasue when it comes to parties I love this stuff.

Loot bags… I LOVED doing…

What you need:

Each red paper bag was 99 cents, and again three pieces of Bristol board which came to $9.00. It ended up being cheaper than buying ready made ones and it was exactly the vibe I was going for! Remember a ruler is the key so everything aligns, and there is no such thing as a perfect circle for Mickey Mouse ears.

With loot bags come little goodies inside! We gave the boys a Mickey Mouse straw cup and the little girls Minnie ones. It doesn’t end there… because with cups comes adorable Mickey Mouse spoon and fork sets. For me doing a loot bag, I want to know I am spending money on something that they are going to USE not money that is going straight into one place- the garbage. I got them from Buy Buy Baby in Whitby and they have so many different options its UNREAL!

The hats I made cost $8.00

What you need:

I bought plain black hats for $5.99 and three pieces of Bristol board from the dollar store, which cost $2.00…. Red, white and black. To get the perfect size for the red at the bottom of the hat open up a party hat and use that as your measurement, and for the ears on the hats….any oversized circle!

The cake, there is nothing better then when you send a picture and it comes out looking like the picture and Marissa did just that! When my usually cake place was closed for the holidays panic is the nicest way to put my feelings. I had seen Marisa’s work and she did not let me down! The cake was chocolate with cookies and cream icing…and it’s a bonus when a cake tastes as good as it looks. You can reach out to her on Instagram: @themadbaker.to

The little hints of Mickey Mouse in the centerpieces… I saw this at my friends baby shower, and I mean how cute. I did a cheap version…EVERYTHING from the dollar store and made eight for $21. I had them scattered everywhere around the house!

What you need is:

Pack of 8 plastic planters $2.50,

Red and Black paint 2 for $1.50,

Styrofoam balls – the larger ones 2 in a pack for $1.50 and

4 small ones in each pack for $1.50.

Wooden sticks to stick into mickey so his head stands $1.00

Printer white paper or Bristol board for Mickey’s buttons

Red basket paper (1 pack)- $2.00

Floral Foam x2 packs (cut to size) $1.00 each

For the kids we turned the Paw Patrol room into a party room. Hung balloons upside down from the ceiling, got everything in Mickey Mouse related colours and, as always, have some sort of craft to try and occupy the children giving their parents five minutes of silence! We got foam sticker sheets from Michael’s where they could build their own seen for $4.99 each.


Guys its not about how much money you spend its how much you are willing to do and what your budget is.  All in all Asher’s birthday was a success and all the parents and children had a blast. The only downside was little Asher didn’t nap so well in the afternoon, so we had to put him down during his party, so he wasn’t a cranky zombie. It worked out perfect!!

9 thoughts on “Our Very Own Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”

  • OMG this is the absolute cutest. Our little guy will be 1 in February and We were planning on doing this same theme. Ill have to steal some of these ideas. LOVE IT!!!

  • This is so adorable !!Very creative! I love that you were able to do all of that for a reasonable price. Now I know who to go to for party ideas 😉

  • So imaginative! Looks like a lot of thought, creativity and love went into Asher’s first birthday! This goes to show you don’t need to spend oodles of money to have a memorable special party! Thanks for sharing, and Happy Birthday Asher!

  • Absolutely loved the party. So much Mickey Mouse stuff but so tastefully done. All over the house little glimpses of Mickey, and of course the most handsome grandson. Can’t wait until next year. ❤️

  • What a special little guy! I love that there weren’t character faces plastered all over the place. These creations are perfect and I hope you were able to sell or pass them along to a friend!

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