Pamper Yourself with L’Occitane

Hibernation is over and people are slowly trickling out of their houses and suddenly having a burst of energy (thanks daylights saving time you’re a doll). With spring finally here, I don’t know why, but I start to take better care of myself, my skin and start pampering myself.

What better way to pamper myself then with the help of L’Occitane. And no this isn’t an #ad, it’s just something that truthfully works for me and my day to day routine.

First thing I start off with is their Almond Delicious Paste exfoliating butter. While being infused with sugar crystals and almond shells it’s also the perfect exfoliation for your entire body. The minute I’m done using this paste I can already feel how much smoother my skin is.(#win)

Next, I use my Almond Shower Oil!! You don’t need to use a lot because the minute it touches water it lathers quite a bit, lasting you a long time. I mean who doesn’t want something that lasts?? The shower oil helps hydrate your skin leaving it feeling even better than it did with the Almond paste!

I end off with Almond Milk Concentrate which helps firm your skin and after 30 days you can see your skin looking firmer (I have the most unflattering mirror someone can own and this I must say is accurate lol). Also your skin I promise you will feel velvety smooth with this last step… so don’t skip out on it! 

So three easy steps will help you pamper yourself while giving your skin the treatment it deserves!!

The thing with this is ladies it’s not just something for you. Why not treat the special men in your life to this? I mean they deserve to have great skin too right 🙂

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