Quick & Delicious Ricotta Pasta

After a long day the last thing you want to do when you walk in the door is make a dinner that’s going to take you at least a half hour and you have that hunch that the picky eater in your family (Mason) is not going to eat it and go on food strike making that time you put into it, a waste. At dinner time Asher is a favourite for sure… such a perfect little man who just eats everything in sight (and prep the ingredients the night before to save you the time).

This recipe is something that take us 15 mins to make, has hardly any ingredients, looks like I slaved for an hour in the kitchen and more importantly has everyone in my family going for seconds.

-Pasta of your choice- for us it’s cappelini or linguine
-1 1/2 tbsp of olive or vegetable oil
-2 cloves of garlic (minced… or in a blender just hit blend, grind I mean whatever is easiest lol)
-2 1/4 cups full fat ricotta cheese
-one package of dethawed frozen or fresh boiled spinach 
-3/4- 1 cup of milk
-salt and pepper to taste
Optional- roitisserie or pre cooked chicken (I usually put chicken in so I can cover the food groups or whatever. You know what I mean lol)

1.) Boil two pots of water and place in your baby spinach in one and pasta in the other (you can skip the spinach step if you have spinach put and dethawed already)
2.) While pasta is boiling take a medium sauce pan and add in your garlic and oil… on a medium to low temp while letting the aroma linger through your house. Cook about two minutes.
3.) Add in your ricotta cheese and milk and stir until sauce becomes thick and relatively smooth. Ricotta can only get so smooth so don’t think it’s you
4.) Turn the heat off and add chopped baby spinach into the sauce.
5.) Add salt and pepper to your liking and add the pasta to your sauce pan or sauce to you pasta. Whatever works.
6.) Grate some freshly ground apart on top and ENJOY.


Pair this bad boy with a white wine of your liking. Go fancy with CakeBread or go Georgia with my 1.5L bottle for $13.95.

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