Reflect Fall in your Nails

thebayLadies, if there is one thing that is not okay, it’s having Britney Spears Hot Mess Nails (Google it you will know what I mean). Now with the fall season just days away, it’s time to start bringing your fall colours out and with what better way to reflect them then on your nails?? Essie and OPI are my go to polishes and they have every shade you can imagine (not to mention the cutest names for each polish…ever, which makes it that much better!). So, while at Hudson’s Bay today they had a wonderful dinner table set up with all the “in colours” for this fall. So let’s all get with the trend and start painting!

The hints of purple, greens, the neutral place settings, cranberry and orange fruits, flowers and some blue in the the appetizer bowl, everything about this puts a smile on my face! So I figure, if I’m smiling I want to make sure my nails are also! After seeing this table I did some more research as to what colours are in this season for fashion and BAM… just like that, the same colours popped up. I am happy to say that we are on the right track! Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler and Oscar de la Renta used alot of these hues in their Fall 2014 Collection, so if they say its okay, THEN ITS OKAY!

Lastly, if anyone can recommend a great shade of green that I just need to have this season, let me know! Its the only thing missing from my Fall 2014 nail polish family!


Need to pick up these Essie Colours? I can help you with that! If they are not in store be sure to order online. This is hands down one of the most exciting websiteI have ever seen.

From Left to Right: Sexy Divide, Plumberry, Sand Tropez, Fifth Avenue and Aruba Blue



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