Ralph “Lauren” meets Rock & Roll

lauren2So as many of you can see I have a tab labelled “Fashionista’s of Fall/14”. Here I am posting people’s personal style for this season that are truly inspiring and define the person they are. Well, meet my friend Lauren, she has her own look that she puts together and it totally works. It brings out her bubbly personality and when you ask her if she could describe her look she says, “Ralph Lauren meet Rock & Roll” (HOW CUTE RIGHT?)



This look can be seen in many people’s eyes as Talitha Getty chic- but modern day version with the blazer being the key element that modernizes it! A dress, blazer, adorable boots and a pop of green in her earrings to finish off the look, not to mention the colours here are absolutely perfect for the season. This outfit works for really anything that might pop up in a day and that’s what makes it even better.


Want Lauren’s look? Okay fine, I will let you in on her secret!

Glasses: Barton Perreira    Dress: Topshop              Boots: Urban Outfitters NYC (I mean they have tassles who doesn’t need them)

Jacket: Urban Outfitters     Earrings: Charlotte Russe     Ring: Custom Studio 1098 (need a close up- we can ask her fiancé Jake)

So let’s give a round of applause for this fashionista who is ready to take over the world and any obstacle that comes her way with style!lauren4



Don’t be afraid to bring out the person you are in your outfit because if there is one thing you should know, it makes it that much better!



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