Soft Skin Always with eos

When we talk about eos products your mind instantly goes to those round colour circles lip balms that all smell and taste amazing (don’t ask me how I know that).

Even though they are one of my favourite lip balms there is so much more to eos than that. And I’m here to tell you the products they have, that I use day to day, and can’t live without!

I have pretty much the most sensitive skin when it comes to shaving…ever. Razor burn is my middle name so when I tried the eos shaving cream I hesitated of course! With a ton of scents I can’t live without my vanilla bliss moisturizing shaving cream and whenever I’m done with it I feel like I should be in a Venus commercial.

Body lotion? Oh they sure do, and I love putting on my delicate petals lotion before I leave the house! No dry skin for me and compliments all around!!

Okay, so anywhere I go, any purse I’m holding, you can check if you don’t believe me… I never leave the house without my eos hand lotion. I have all the colours because I need them all and it’s very rare to find a hand cream that doesn’t leave your hands greasy!

Last but not least, the sphere lip balm. My whole family loves it and clearly my dog did too because he ate the balm out of one and loved every minute of it. He left the evidence behind which is how I found out. There are so many different flavours so take your pick and next time you’re out look around because you will see someone using those perfect little spheres!

Feedback from Extra Sparkles Please

You can literally get eos products almost everywhere including shoppers drug mart, Walmart, indigo take your pick you can’t escape it!

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