A Bite of Heaven Everyone Should Try

sprinklesTriple Cinnamon, Black & White and Red Velvet…Oh My

I make it my goal that every time I travel I must try a new cupcake shop…but hands down one has stolen my heart. Sprinkles….

Sprinkles Cupcakes has never and I mean NEVER let me down—call me biased because my husband proposed to me with these bites of heaven but its way more than that! Whenever I travel to New York and I know I am not going to be there on a Monday, Thursday or Sunday a piece of my heart dies because my favourite, the carrot cupcake won’t be there.

Follow them on twitter and after 12 p.m., give you a secret word to say when you walk into their store and you receive a free cupcake—- Its like the best game-EVER!

Me and my pup have matching I love Sprinkles Shirts, they have pup cakes for my four legged love and their take home cupcake mix is AMAZING and almost got me arrested at O’Hare airport (they thought I was crazy for bringing back cupcake mix and thought that perhaps I was bringing a something else over the border…but I was not going back to Canada without my SPRINKLES CUPCAKE MIX)

—-and keep in mind if Suri Cruise has these cupcakes at her birthday… then you shouldn’t doubt what I am telling you!NYC 066

Check out their website https://www.sprinkles.com/


Experience their cupcake ATM… It’s a life changer

-xxStarbucks 052

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