Summer with a hint of Vtech’s 4 in 1 Tek Trike

So every time I pick up Mason from his daycare I’ve noticed he is always doing the same thing. He’s always riding along on a little three-wheeler and I think to myself, “Ummm clearly we need to get this little man his own bike for home.” Well, thank you VTech for making my life easier and Mason and Asher’s that much better. VTech has been developing high-quality innovative educational products that help children’s development through fun and smart play and VTech’s 4-in-1 Stroll & Grow Tek Trike is no different. To be honest I have been buying the boys VTech products since they were 3 months old!

The 4-in-1 Tek Trike is one of the biggest hits of this summer so far for my little boys.  One of my personal favourite highlights about this bike is it transitions along with the growth of each child from nine months to six years. They begin at the strolling stage which is where Asher is now (“they see me strollin’”) and he can just be pushed along similar to being in a stroller with his drink in his little cup holder. 

Then they begin in training mode where they push peddles and get a feel for riding around. Then, like Mason, they can pedal, steer and trike along – what big boy he has become! Lastly, once they get the hang of riding along they can enter drifting mode and speed around and drift. Parents, when getting things for our minis we need to remember, it’s even MORE worth it when you can have it for every stage they go through.

Another fun highlight is the interactive buttons that teach them a variety of things, from road safety (which is something we are currently working on) to directions. Asher just sits back, gets pushed along like the little prince he is and presses the buttons to see flashing lights and listen to some music which changes based on your speed!  How cool is that? Mason, on the other hand, tries his best to speed along and get away from us. Luckily, he isn’t that fast, but as he grows, watch out!

Since we got these trikes the boys have become attached to them.  I mean Mason wanted it in his room the first night! And whether we are outside or inside, they both want to be on their trike. Another thing you notice once your little guy or girl gets one of these is; they just seem to be growing soo fast!  To see Mason actually riding it on his own brought a tear to my eye. I know it won’t be that long until Asher starts his transition from strolling to training to triking and then drifting!

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4 thoughts on “Summer with a hint of Vtech’s 4 in 1 Tek Trike”

  • This company has great products! I have the trike myself and my son loves when we take him around the block in it. Good times.

  • Such a cute thing to see the same bike my daughter has. What we have is the one from Smoby pink for a girl. Wonderful moments to cherish, I love the photos of the two boys smiling really happy!

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