That thing called Parenting….

This blog has always been like a diary for me and I have realized I need to write more to you about my personal life – my mom and family life. 

Being a mom – I wish it came with a instruction manual or a facebook group with all the answers.  I left those mommy groups long ago, a lot of the time instead of support, its women criticizing each other’s parenting tactics – yup I said it!  I found out a lot of people have nothing else to do, but try to shame other mothers for doing what they believe is right.

One of the hardest things I find day to day is dividing up my attention between Mason and Asher.

How do you make them both feel equally loved, because they really are. Mason wants time on his own and to not befollowed and bugged by his little brother. And Asher wants time to just cuddle, play with toys and not worry about them getting taken away or even just watch a movie and not have a mark on his cheek from mason “kissing him.”

So this is my new thing and I’m going to try and stick by it!every week I’m going to do something one on one with them.

Mason begs me everyday to stay home with me and stay in his pajamas, not for anything other than to just spending time with me. Today he got that. We went to the mall, and he got to take the subway train which was a treat for him.  We had an adorable little lunch and now I’m staring at him sleeping like an angel beside me (this photo is of Mason at lunch today).

He was so happy and even when I had Asher alone last week you could see the glow in his eyes of just having that bit of one on one time.

Balance is everything! I know nothing about it, but I do know that I love my kids the same and I’m just trying to figure out this whole mom thing while making everyone feel special and loved! 

4 thoughts on “That thing called Parenting….”

  • That is a great idea. Really hard sharing yourself with kids, husband and work. They will remember their special times with mom. ❤️

  • I think a lot of moms can’t relate, myself included. Even though little sister is only 6 weeks old, I often feel guilty that I can’t spend as much time with my oldest. And she’s definitely feeling it. She wants me to do everything for her, often when I’m occupied with baby. My poor husband can’t do anything right. So when I do have a few minutes without baby in my arms, I make sure my attention is all on her. I can only imagine this will get trickier to do as they get older.

  • Nice of you to share what countless moms must go through. You ate definitely killing the mommy game though!!! No need to stress yourself out xoxoxo

  • I still remember my dad took each of us out for a day. I remember everything we did and spoke about. It’s one of my favorite memories. I felt so special. You’re doing such a great job!!!

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