The Body Shop- 24 Days of the Enchanted Advent Calendar

Every year I wait and wait until the date strikes December 1st so I can open up my advent calendars and give myself a gift everyday until Christmas- I mean I do deserve it! I wanted to share with you one of my favs! It’s The Body Shop- 24 Days of the Enchanted Advent Calendar.

As much I love chocolate it’s nice to switch it to something that’s more of self pampering. Especially when The Body Shop has so many of my favourites!

Some of my favourites from this calendar is the Strawberry Shower Gel, the Candy Cane Shower Gel and the Vanilla Delight Bath Bomb! I mean for me who wouldn’t want to have a relaxing bath after a day full of holiday shopping?!

The other thing I love is the full range of goodies you get in this calendar- even lip care and nail care! 

But let’s be honest I can’t give you all the goodies! You just need to go buy it and tell me I was right because it’s honestly amazing! 

You can buy this baby for $69.00 (Value of $156.00)

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