THEFACESHOP- literally.

mask3 Well everyone, if you have not heard about the amazing brand THEFACESHOP, you are about to now, and if you haven’t noticed already it’s popping up everywhere. It’s hard to find skin care products that you actually feel like do the job they are supposed to. I am lazy as it is, so when I try something new I want to make sure it’s going to benefit me and was worth it. And with a price tag like this it will have you running to the nearest location!



There are three face masks that I am loving right now and really keeping my face hydrated and break out free this summer.mask2

They are:

Real Nature Green Tea Mask, which I find perfect for hydrating dry skin. This is with the help of the green tea extract that it contains and I am loving it!

Real Nature Red Ginseng Mask made my skin feel vibrant and fresh right after. It is said that it helps with the first signs of aging. Well guess what? I think I have now found my new best friend!- Sorry Amanda J

Real Nature Acai Berry Mask is great if you are looking to add more firmness to your skin. I felt like it was the perfect mask to help me with the red spots on my face, and creating and even tone.

Want to know how easy it is to use these masks? I’m warning you it will take a lot of effort (said nobody ever). All you do is unfold the mask and place it on your freshly cleansed face. This is not a makeup remover ladies so if you want these babies to do their job, help the mask out a bit and wash your face!

Hang out and leave on for about 12 minutes avoiding your mouth and eyes. Remove the mask and allow your skin to absorb and access serum! And you are ALL DONE!Masks1

WARNING: THESE COME WITH A HEFTY PRICE TAG. A total of $2.00 CAD, aka less than a medium Tim Hortons coffee! This is what I call beauty on a budget!

Lastly, the finishing touch to the perfect skin, thanks to THEFACESHOP, is the Mango Seed Heart Volume Essence Spray. Whether you are spraying this serum on your face after you have washed your face, or spraying it on top of your makeup, it smells great and adds the perfect splash of moisture to your face. Spray this baby about 20 cm – 30 cm away from your skin and your job is done. Now it’s the products turn to work its magic! You can get this bottle for $32.00 and it will last you forever.mask6


Check out their website and, like I said, you will see these shops popping up at all the malls around town. There are so many masks and serums to choose from, but I can promise you with this brand it won’t be hard finding one that works for you!



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