The New “MDP” is in Town….

IMG_4817 copySo I am finally back to semi normal with a new little addition. I have been so excited to write this post, and now that he is here I can! Instead of waiting until August 28th Mason Dennis Prohaska decided to make his appearance on Tuesday August 4th , 2015. I am excited to share the journey I had along the way for those of you who don’t know.

So, December 18th of last year was the shock of a lifetime, I went to work not feeling 100% and that’s where everything became a quick reality. I was pregnant and I was freaking out because I mean I was still selfish, I had things I wanted to do still in life. Lucas and I were not ready. Well besides Lucas knowing for two months my three friends Amanda, Anna and Deanna knew this secret, if it wasn’t them laughing at me and making me laugh with the situation I think I would’ve had a nervous breakdown. Christmas became a big lie last year, my husband had to cancel my surprise birthday and luckily my friends and I ran away to NYC for New Years…lets just say hiding a secret like that is not easy over the holidays.IMG_4813 copy

As months passed on, I started to love every minute of this experience minus the fact that I felt like a whale— literally a whale. I was lucky that I didn’t have that many symptoms and then the “safe zone” came after three months and we told people closest to us. Understanding that we were having a baby took way beyond three months, nothing seemed like reality, but it was just that. Around six months it was more of an open thing, but I chose not to advertise it too much because, again, its something that I needed to get used to. Something I learned along the way, which I should share, is that not everyone is going to be happy for you. I got myself so upset about it, but you know what, its their problem and not yours. So, focus on yourself and go with it, because not everyone is going to be supportive (just store it in the back of your mind and remember).

People don’t realize how fast those nine months fly by, I still look at my little man and wonder how this all has happened in less than a year. On August 1st I had gone to my doctors office, not feeling myself and he told me I was three centimeters dilated, and said “well it looks like you are going to have this baby by next weekend.” Pardon me? What is this that he was speaking of? On Tuesday, August 4th at 4am I woke up to my water breaking. I know everyone is totally different, but that was an experience in itself, so I called my doctor and told him. He asked me how fast I could be at his office to which I responded “two hours”…. I would come after I showered and had done my hair and makeup. Needless to say, he told me to get my ass there in 50 minutes. On an amusing note the day before on August 3rd Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale announced their split, which is when I told my mom and husband my water is going to break because I could not handle this trauma… well that night BAM. SO HOLLYWOOD BREAKUPS INDUCE LABOUR PEOPLE.IMG_5350 copy

When my husband and I got there he said I was still 3-4 cm and to just head to the hospital because he assumed I would be having baby some time in the evening. We drove and got there at 6am and the contractions had started, god I miss those, they were so much fun said nobody ever. Every body deals with things differently and I get people have it really rough, but let me tell you labour is nothing like the movies. I got the epidural at 7:30am and in came my doctor just to check in on me before he started his day of work. At 8am the doctor told me “sweet heart you are 8 cm dilated and I need to cancel my appointments for the morning.” HOW WAS THIS HAPPENING SO QUICKLY SOMEBODY TELL ME?! My mom and husband were both in the delivery room, so they were already at the hospital, my in-laws, dad and sister got there by 9am. They were in the room with me for about half hour and the doctor said its time to say your goodbyes its time to start pushing at 9:50am. Honestly, the last nine months flashed before me, it doesn’t become more of a reality then that, I was about to meet the little person that had been having kicking parties in my stomach. PS- Ladies the epidural is a god sent… I mean I felt NOTHING, it was FANTASTIC I tell you. After an hour of pushing Mason arrived at 10:56am weighing 6.7 pounds and 51 cm long. I could not believe my eyes.IMG_5374 copy

On another note, I want to pre-warn women who have a great experience with labour that there will be women out there that are jealous of your experience, but you can’t let it bother you. People may say because “he was small, of course she didn’t have much pain”, and make excuses because it was worse for them. These are the types of people who don’t need to be involved in your life and should grow up, mature a little, and hopefully, if they are able to have another child their experience is even worse the second time around. Sorry, I digress.IMG_5292 copy

I was lucky I had an easy labour and I could not stand being in the hospital for more than 24 hours. We were out of there the next afternoon and I was ready to get home and to my dog with the new arrival. I knew I would love my little guy a lot, but honestly, I cannot describe to anyone how much I love him. Love at first sight doesn’t even cut it, I would do anything for this little man and I stare at him still confused as to where the time went and how he is mine. Its weird how initially I was freaking out and so upset and then you look and realize it was the best thing to ever happen to you. It has taken some adjusting having this little one home, but I am lucky to have the support of my awesome husband, parents, in laws and friends.

I wanted to share this story on my blog because people were asking how it went for me and I want people to know that don’t get upset when people try to bring you down keep your head up because when you look into the eyes of your baby there is nothing better in the world and I could not be happier to have him in my life.

So welcome again Mason Dennis Prohaska to the world and I promise to take care of you and love you more than you will ever know. Because you are the best thing to happen to me, your dad and big brother Kimbo the dog.IMG_5324 copy


Last note I want to address- Mommies on forums and pages that want to cut up others and let people know that their way is the right way suck. The hardest thing I have had to deal with is breast feeding, I was not able to do it for long and did not enjoy it so I pump and give him milk. Don’t tell me and other women the bond won’t be the same yada yada yada… my kid is eating isn’t he? So don’t let peoples ways get the best of you… look at that with women that have way too much time on their hands. Focus on yourself and your little baby burritos.


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