Things “I” Love

IMG_3314 It’s really the simple things that can add so much to making your home decor that much better. I’ve learned this from Kate Spade! “Thing’s we Love”- Kate Spade, is a fun hardcover coffee table book that has people looking at it the minute they sit on your couch.

I am NOT a reader, to be honest, my example of a good book is “Nice is just a Place in France”, and following the troubles of Brandi Glanville aka “Drinking and Tweeting” (what can I say? it’s a guilty pleasure of mine). But, this table book is full of big pictures and quotes that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

You can get the book on the Kate Spade website or any major book store for $40.00 and I promise you, you will not be let down. So add a little colour to your coffee table while learning about the benefits of “the polka dot” and “a well-placed bow”IMG_3321


If this book has taught me anything, it’s “Eat Cake For Breakfast”- don’t mind if I do!


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