Turkey Deviled Eggs

Cooking isn’t always easy and coming up with creative recipes to entertain your guests or just to entertain your kids can often times be challenging. One of the most versatile, nutritious and delicious foods I enjoy cooking with is eggs. Not only are they always readily available, but my kids love them and so do I.

The recipe I would like to share with you today is fun for the whole family, but especially the little ones, and it’s perfect for the upcoming fall season. This Thanksgiving I’m doing a twist on your typical deviled egg and making Turkey Deviled Eggs and, of course, I will be using Conestoga Farms Eggs.

When you choose eggs by Conestoga Farms, you’re choosing wholesome, local eggs produced by proud Ontario farmers and their families, which are certified by Foodland Ontario. This ensures safe, quality egg production practices from farm to carton and beyond. So the next time you’re shopping for eggs make sure you look for the logo on the carton so you know you’re supporting your local Ontario egg farmers!

For my Turkey Deviled Eggs, I decided to take the easier route and use Conestoga Farms Free Run On the Run Boiled and Peeled Eggs because they are perfectly boiled so there is no green shell covering the yolk and, they eliminate the whole boiling step to make things much easier and faster. If you prefer to boil your eggs, I would recommend using Conestoga Farms Organic Eggs, Free Range Eggs or Free Run Omega-3 Eggs, which, once again all support Ontario farmers.

The recipe is as follows, but feel free to use your own twist when making turkey deviled eggs:

What you need:

How to make:

  • Cut your Conestoga Farms Free Run On the Run Boiled and Peeled Eggs in halves. Remove yolk from egg whites and place in a bowl.
  • With your egg yolks, add in mayonnaise, paprika, green onion (to your liking), grated cheese, salt and pepper! Mix together.
  • In a piping bag fill up egg whites with the yolk mix.
  • Cut peppers to create a turkey tail, beak and add on eyes.
  • Serve and have everyone raving about how delicious this recipe.

I cannot wait to see you all create your very own deviled turkey eggs and remember, Conestoga Farms Eggs make it just that much tastier.

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