Two Little Love Bird’s Sitting in a tree…

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The moment I found this on Etsy I knew that it was not a want, but a NEED! A perfect little, dainty necklace that adds just the perfect touch to any outfit. When I found Darcee, I just knew it was for a reason, and that reason is, she is such a talent that everyone needs to own one of her pieces.

Mine and my husbands initials on a love bird necklace…. I am swoon!

Darcee lives in Vancouver, WA where they have beautiful summers with lush green surroundings, but more than their fair share of grey rainy days. She started making jewelry as a hobby to make those depressing gray days somewhat more enjoyable. Now Darcee has turned her hobby into, a more than, full time job. This talented lady has been making jewelry for 10 years and being a stay at home mom, she began to notice she was creating more and more designs as creative outlet. With encouragement from her wonderful husband, he suggested that Darcee start a business, and with the help and knowledge of her dear sister, she recommended she try a magical little place that all us women love….Etsy.  Etsy focuses on items made by the hands of others instead of large factories.IMG_3572

She has now been selling on Etsy for four years and currently has her own studio out of her home (her home being the original place where all this magic happened). There have been a lot of bumps in the road for Darcee along the way, but she has loved every second of it, especially talking with customers and developing friendships. This being said, it’s not just a business for Darcee, it is her passion! She loves the excitement of knowing she’s making something so personal that someone could wear on a daily basis and that she is are the face behind it all.IMG_3579

Just recently, she was talking with a lovely gent (TAKE NOTE ALL YOU GENTS OUT THERE) who was asking for help on how to propose to his girlfriend (now fiancé-she said yes!). He wasn’t sure if he should just put their anniversary date on the bar necklace or come up with something clever. He had mentioned that she was dropping many hints that she REALLY wanted the bar necklace as an anniversary present with their initials on it.

After brainstorming back and forth together they came up with using Darcee’s famous nameplate bar necklace and stamping the words “Marry Me?” on it, which he then used as a gift to give her to pop the question.il_570xN.641564578_dfwo

This way to cute of a story is just one of many that Darcee has!

I admire this lady for taking her passion and truthfully making her own dreams come true! She loves making jewelry and connecting with others that she might not ever have the chance to know.

Do I love brand names and getting their stuff- absolutely who doesn’t? But when you meet someone like Darcee you really want to support great people like her and get something that not necessarily everyone has. Her items are something personal to you, a memory! Check out Darcee’s Etsy shop before for more information and pricing!




Check out Darcee’s amazing jewelry today and, I promise you, you will fall in love with her pieces just as I have:

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2 thoughts on “Two Little Love Bird’s Sitting in a tree…”

  • I have bought from Darcee’s online shop before and have never been disappointed.
    She is a great lady and has a bunch of great items that keep you going nack to her shop for more.

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