Urban Decay Vice Lipstick is your new best friend

Lipstick… something that can make or break your look if not worn properly.

Lipstick… something that can turn an evening look to a day look and vice versa.

Lipstick… helps you bring out the alter ego we all have, depending on our mood and feelings.

Why am I talking about lipstick like its clothing? Because, personally, I think its almost as important. It’s the finishing touch to any look and without it we would be incomplete.

I am usually someone that wears safe tones such as nudes and baby pinks, but times I want to make a statement or feel fierce I look to Urban Decay for help.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick is something I have relied on for finishing my looks for a year now. I am going to share with you 7 of my favourite shades that I obvi can’t live without in my overflowing drawer of lipsticks which are always sitting at the very top of that pile.

Clockwise from the top:

Pandemonium – Mega matte bright purple tone that is probably hands down my favourite “WOW” factor lipstick. Put this on, and girl, you feel like nothing you can bring you down.

714 – I mean it just doesn’t get classier than this PERFECT red tone… its totally replaced all the hype of Ruby Woo by MAC that everyone went nuts about.

Menace – Hot Pinks are just something that you should always own. Menace is the colour you want to own in lipsticks, nailpolishes, a hot little dress and the perfect handbag.

Ex-Girlfriend – a shade that will make any ex-girlfriend understand the upgrade that is you

Jawbreaker – BADASS…one word that sums up with dark purple matte lipstick. I like to wear it while wearing all nude or white tones. Its something that will take away all the attention from any #ootd

Firebird – This is definitely in the purple tones of lipsticks. Its bright, vibrant and looks amazing whether its on you or leaving a mark on the crisp glass of pinot grigio you are sipping on. Always have to leave your mark ladies!

Naked – My everyday go to…. It’s the perfect nude tone and what I like about it is there is NO hint of pink when I put it on…. It’s the perfect nude lipstick that everyone needs now.


SO…yes these are 7 of my favourite bold Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks but be aware that there is over 100 shades to chose from. Whats your fav?

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