Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Under $50… that will have you #winning

mainn   So Valentine’s Day is around the corner and, personally, although I know it is over rated and one day shouldn’t be the only day to show your loved ones you care, it doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s fun. The amount of men I am seeing getting their last minute shopping done is hilarious, and I am here to help. This is my gift guide to help all the men out. 5 gifts that are $50 and under.



First on my list of gift ideas is makeup—DUHHH!!! I am OBSESSED with Too Faced, they are a ladies saving grace. So, when I ran into these bronzers I knew there would be alot of ladies out there that would appreciate the clever marketing Too Faced uses, along with the quality of the product! Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer has come up with limited-edition palettes to create the perfect look, oh and I am sorry but the NAMES—OMGGGG! Carrie & Big is a light to medium bronzer with slight shimmer mixed with the perfect pop of coral blush that is perfect for fairer skin tones!. AND OMG the Ross & Rachel includes a medium to deep bronzer with slight shimmer combined with the perfect pop of pinkish/peach blush. The heart-shaped compact, which includes a mirror, could not be more adorable for your loved one to carry around. If they don’t love this gift blame it on me… and if they do, I am accepting cupcakes as a thank you! Total Price- $42.00picc4

Everyone, sometimes, it’s just the simple things to show you care. Get up in the early morning and go get their favourite latte from Starbucks or any other coffee shop. Cut out a little sign that says either “I love you a latte” or “I like you a latte.” For me, waking up in the morning without my morning cup of joe is a nightmare, so this is the perfect way to show you care! In bed or waiting for them on the kitchen counter… either way I can already hear the little AWEEE’SS you’re going to get! Total Price- $4.88picc3

Well if this mascara’s name proves to be true I am really sorry about that—it’s not my fault it’s yours! This tube of amazingness will get you brownie points and make your love feel like a million bucks, as she (or he) bats their lashes at you! The inspiration Too Faced used for this mascara is the curves of a woman’s body, and you see that with the brush. One coat of this mascara and lashes are ready to go (there is nothing anyone hates more than putting on more than three coats of mascara – and if this is happening it’s time to find a new brand aka Too Faced). Two coats and lashes are even more luscious and curled depending on the look you are going for. Three coats of this mascara will give you the ultimate dramatic stand out look! Total Price- $30.00picc2

An “I love you because” frame is always a safe and easy route, and really will make their heart skip a beat! On regular printer paper print out “I love you because” and a line beneath, next buy a frame from the store of your choice (Wal-Mart) is always a safe bet and put the 8 x 10 sheet of paper in there. Buy a white board marker from the dollar store and fill it in how you please. What’s adorable is this isn’t just for “I Love you day” but it’s a reminder all the time and you can switch it up whenever you want! Total Price- $15.00 and underpicc6

Cheesy movie basket date is also such a life saving idea! Get a basket or a box from the dollar store and throw some tissue at the bottom. Find some of the cheesiest movies your loved one secretly likes (I am in love with She’s All That… that movie makes my heart melt everytime I see it. I mean COME ON who didn’t love Freddie Prinze Junior?) and your Valentine’s Day date becomes a cheesy movie marathon!! Grab a bottle of wine to throw in the basket, a bag of popcorn, their favourite chocolate bars, and a pack of gum so you guys can make out all night like teenagers! I found a bunch of cheesy blue rays at Best Buy for $4.99!! Total Price- $40.00picc5


This may go slightly over budget but the look on your loved one’s face will be worth the lifetime of happiness you will give them. Buy them a puppy. Total Price- $PRICELESS$




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