What’s Your Bronze?

bronzercoverTanning beds are so 5 years ago and can cause so many problems to our skin (I know because I used to be that person in the tanning beds, until I was orange and now have damaged skin because of it *sigh*). It’s that time of year though, when we can start to get a natural tan and to start investing in some perfect bronzers to give us a sun kissed glow while not doing any damage!

I have more bronzer in my makeup bins than I do shoes in my closet… and no I am not exaggerating either. Depending on my mood I like to switch it up when it comes to bronzers.

My first fav right now is Too Faced Soleil Matte Bronzer. This Bronzing Powder is Matte, which is a nice change even though sparkles are everything, and “combines the natural, therapeutic effects of real cocoa powder with their signature bronzing pigments, creating a unique matte bronzer that neutralizes red and evens out and enhances all skin tones.”

I mean cool, that’s great, but like can we talk about the fact that it does not turn you orange? It’s like a gift from above, it’s here, and everything makes sense in the world now. $38.00 CADbronzer6

It comes in three must have shades for all skins tones:

Milk Chocolate – Light To Medium

Chocolate – Medium To Deep- (Extra Sparkles Pick)

Dark Chocolate – Deep To Tan

My other all-time favourite is something that has been close and dear to my heart, something I have been wearing for over 10 years…. drum roll pleeeeeeease!! MAC Cosmetics Bronzing Powder! I use the colour Refined Golden, anything with a bit of sparkle makes me smile! It is a lightly frosted, tinted powder and gives you the perfect natural sun kissed glow. Because of the sparkles in the shade I use, it also acts like a highlighter giving me some pretty awesome fake cheek bones J $30.00 CADbronzer1

This Bronzing Powder comes in 4 shades:

Refined Golden- (Extra Sparkles Pick)


Matte Bronze


Lastly, a bronzer that I love and is the most cost effective out of the three – Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer. Heat Wave is the perfect bronzer if you are on a budget! It’s baked on a terra cotta pan and is the perfect addition to your everyday go to makeup products! When applying this is not such an overwhelming, drastic colour so don’t be afraid to wear it lightly all over! $9.00 CADk2-_4dcf9aa5-b892-4956-85f2-9204ac812a3c.v1

This Bronzing Powder comes in 4 shades:

Heat Wave- (Extra Sparkles Pick)

Hula Hula





Trying out Too Faced- Pick it up at your closest Sephora Store and you won’t be sorry!

Trying out MAC Cosmetics- Pick it up at any MAC Cosmetics store or counter




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