When in doubt wear a scarf!

IMG_3411So now that the fall season is here and in full effect, one of my favourite accessories come out and play… scarves. I have more scarves than I should, BUT I swear it’s for good reason. Scarves can be a saving grace to any outfit! Feel like wearing all black today but still want a little pop of colour? WEAR A SCARF. Feel like your outfit is incomplete?WEAR A SCARF. I truly believe that when you are leaving your house and you are really debating about your outfit, a scarf is the perfect way to add that finishing touch to your look.

IMG_3404Scarves are also the perfect way to bring out your personality, and there are so many that can suit your every mood. For instance, my green scarf with bows suites my “feminine and cutesy look” while my black ombre lace one suites my “bad ass edgy look” (that’s as edgy as I get), and my Alexander McQueen ones… they are my “I love life!” scarves. When I bring those out, you know I am having a fantastic day!

I love wearing a plain t-shirt or sweater in the fall and adding a touch of colour through a scarf because it also keeps me warm and comfy. And they do not break the bank. I mean most of mine are $5.00 – $15.00, except for a select few. Having style does not mean you ever have to pay an arm and a leg for it!IMG_3416

The amount of $10 and under shirts and sweaters I own is insane, but I will save that for another post and let you in on all my little tricks and secrets. Call me Mrs. Bargains!


Feeling ambitious? Go to your nearest craft store and make one yourself – I would totally try to do that but it sounds like way to much work for me! Send in pictures of your DIY scarves for a chance to get featured on Extra Sparkles Please ; )

This has to be one of my favourite scarves below!…. ITS A MAP OF NEW YORK!- YUP… I TOLD YOU GUYS KATE SPADE NEVER LETS A GIRL DOWN!…. (Not to mention bring it to New York open up your scarf and BAM just like that you will know how to get to Fifth Avenue!

Get it here!- Kate Spade New York Map Scarf


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