Why every mom needs a Leaf

SE02005_A-2So our little man is almost nine months old and I have a love/hate relationship with this because I don’t know where the time has gone? I mean you hear it OVER and OVER again, but now that little baby we once could hold peacefully in our arms is a little man who crawls so fast we can’t leave the room for a second.

That being said, what has been great is we now see the baby products we could live without and the ones that we just COULD NOT!! One of those things is the Nuna Leaf.

This swing is not your ordinary swing, it just makes total sense and doesn’t take up a large amount of room in your living room. What I love about this swing is even though it is not electric, it’s amazing that with just a little push how long it sways back and forth.  It’s like their personal cozy little getaway seat, which looks so comfortable, I wish they had an adult size one!!

Every morning between 8:30am and 9:30am when the world stops because Paw Patrol or PJ Masks is on television, I put mason in his Leaf where he takes his teether and keeps himself amused! Also, there is the option to lock the Leaf, so he doesn’t rock back and forth all the time!IMG_0078

The other thing I look for when getting things for Mason is how long is this really going to last him…. Is this going to be another one or two month item that I am going to store away because parting with it is just too depressing? Well the Leaf holds up to 130 lbs and serves as a seat for your little one throughout the stages they go through in life! This is why I need one for myself.

You can get the Leaf at pretty much any retailer and, as you should, because it’s a total need!!!! We got it in the colour Twilight which coordinated perfectly with our place, but there are so many other to choose from. Basically it’s whatever works for you!!!

……And yes, it’s easy to wash and store away. A mommy must!




I got mine from Babies R’ Us and you can pick up your Nuna Leaf HERE!

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  • Such a cutie!! 🙂 I also have the Leaf and love it. It’s so true that they grow so fast, and I also have trouble getting rid of baby gear for that reason! It is so nice when products “grow” with them! xoxo

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