World MasterCard Fasion Week. Day: 3

IMG_0270Yesterday I had a privilege to see the amazing Rachel Sin in action. She is hands down one of my favourite designers and truthfully one of the most humble and down to earth people I have ever met. Although I have been so lucky to see many talents, I do have to say, I have a sweet spot for the, oh so talented, Rachel Sin. I was waiting anxiously all week to see “The Urban Jetsetter” …blending work with play!

Yesterday, the show started off with the traditional runway screen with Rachel Sin’s name and then changed to her amazing hashtags (which let me tell you it’s all about the hashtags… duh) #RSWORK (FW14 line) and #RSPLAY (SS15 line) and then it all began. What I love about her FW14 line is the colours, patterns and how you can wear the outfits anywhere… from day to night, it doesn’t matter. Once the Ponte Cut Out Dress and Ponte Zipper Dress made their appearance my excitement level went through the roof. I love how all the royal blues, burgundies and neutral colours work so well together (THE SEQUIN PANTS ARE ON MY MUST HAVE LIST…just throwing a few Christmas/Birthday ideas out there). I am in love with how she uses alot of ponte material in her clothes because ladies, we always know, the more ponte, the more comfortable!FullSizeRender


Ugh… I am still daydreaming about the SS15 collection. The colours just made me wish it was May and I cannot wait to wear every single piece I saw. Showing a bit of midriff in a colourful floral print dress could not be more perfect for the time of year.  And, the inner sex kitten in you will come out once you see the black jumpsuit. There are jumpsuits out there, but nothing like Rachel’s. The gorgeous mint coloured pieces totally worked and are such a new fresh tone to wear next season. I am sure everyone is going to want alittle mint in their life.IMG_0272

lllHow is this girl so talented? What is her inspiration? … Well, I am about to tell you, and it’s amazing how you are going to able to relate it to her pieces. Rachel has a masters degree in Architecture.  You can see how this is part of her inspiration with the bold lines and sharp edges in her pieces. Rachel is in between major cities Toronto, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.


At the end of the show Rachel came out wearing her Deep V Dress with a smile from ear to ear and absolutely glowing, as she should be. The show was a success and all the chatter around me was about which piece to get first. Not to mention, the compliments about Rachel Sin’s Ca  pe Blouse I was wearing…. She makes a woman feel confident and you truthfully feel like you could take over the world. So thanks Rachel, for thinking of us while creating such incredible pieces.


I have no feedback…. the only thing I have to say is check out Rachel Sin below now or you are totally missing out!

Rachel Sin


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