World Psoriasis Day

Living with Psoriasis is something we need to be more open about with one another. There are people all around us living with it each day and I’m am one of them.

Psoriasis attacks my scalp, my eyebrows and when I have a flare up I can’t help but notice people stare- the place where I am at won’t it is accepting it and educating people on it. Before I would hide behind a hat. I would never know the route of the cause when it came to these itchy episodes which came along with inflammation, scabbing. I thought “hey, it has to be dandruff, I’m just going to use a shampoo for that”…. But then as time past, and it would reoccur or not help I realized there was more to this. And I needed to find out what exactly I was dealing with.

To this day My goal is to continue to educate myself and let you know you’re not alone. Had I known sooner and paid attention to what my body was telling me I may have had a solution to living with this a long time ago.

I want to dhare with you all what I am learning along the way. Finding the proper dermatologist and treatment for me is on my list.

At this point no one knows the exact cause is of psoriasis. But knowing how to deal with it and it’s triggers makes dealing with it just a little easier. An example is stress, or the change of seasons.

Although there are many different types of psoriasis I specifically have Plaque psoriasis.

The most common type of psoriasis, plaque psoriasis. This form of psoriasis is the most common but doesn’t make it easier at times to deal with.

So for world psoriasis day I want us to use our voice more, talk about it because I’m not the only one out there and either are you. 

Follow along with me on this journey and whirl embracing psoriasis I can’t wait for you to see where this takes me. 

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