Wrinkles? Nothing -417 can’t fix!

IMG_0756 -417 has done it yet again with their amazing Miracle Immediate Wrinkle Filler. I got this little guy in the mail and have given a few samples to people I know, as well as, using the jar myself so we could test it out. And if I do say so myself, It is absolutely amazing.

First off, the fact that you can tell the cream is working instantly is a bonus, but after four weeks of using it the results are noticeable.  Even others had made comments and noticed.

Some of the oils in this wrinkle filler are quite amazing, ingredients such as Natural Collagen, Energizing vitamin A,B,E,F, Green Tea, Dead Sea Mud and Jojoba to name a few. Don’t ask me what they do, but whatever it is, it works.IMG_0760

It’s so simple to use, you just have to make sure that your skin is clean whether it’s every morning and/or night and use the little spatula to put a dab on your fingers. You need such a small amount of this product because its spreads out around your face making the product last much longer. To not have to keep spending money because you keep running out is such an added bonus!IMG_0753


So you if want the following benefits from this Immediate Wrinkle Filler:

Immediate filling & soothing action

Skin appears younger and firmer in four weeks

Appear visibly rejuvenated

Go to www.minus417.com today and purchase your perfect little jar


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